VIP² Certification – What would it mean to society?

Our dream at VIP², is that being “certified” as a VIP² organization becomes a competitive advantage for organizations across the country and the globe.

As consumers today, we are very aware of organizations that are doing the “right things” when it comes to the environment. We believe we should have that same energy and drive towards soliciting organizations that are hiring and developing Values-driven people, are investing in them so they are Informed and Passionate about what they are doing and the organizations they represent. You feel this instantly when you are in a store, hospital, restaurant or office where the people working there are truly embracing the VIP² philosophy. As we begin our journey at VIP², we ask that you help us to get the word out about the importance of VIP²…and when you interact with an organization that clearly needs to embrace this philosophy that you share that story on this website under the “Share your Story” tab, and better yet…tell the organization about this site. Through the power of the internet, Facebook, Twitter and the like, we can begin a movement in this nation that will drive excellence in every sector, and provide workplaces that will become more ethical, more people centered, resulting in millions of men and women driven by a new sense of purpose, hope and dignity….and how amazing of an impact could that have on their spouses, children, and the community at large?

So where does VIP² “certification” come into play? Our team can work with any organization to ensure that they are living the VIP² philosophy. Once “certified” the organization can publicly show this…meaning that consumers will now have a choice as to where they do business…and they will be looking for organizations that are VIP² certified (just like we seek out those environmentally friendly” organizations today.

Become a part of this exciting movement…

Contact us if you want your organization to become VIP² certified…your people and your customers will thank you…and your competitors will wonder what hit them!