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We believe to be a world-class VIP² organization, it is imperative to regularly measure employee perception (or satisfaction). Disengaged employees significantly impact the organization in all of the “normal” areas that are measured by most organizations (profit and loss, safety, quality, delivery and customer satisfaction), but yet most don’t measure the root cause that often is resident in the engagement level of your people. Knowing and understanding how your employees feel about their job is crucially important for the long-term success of your organization. VIP² offers a local, cost-effective service that can help survey the current state of your organization and interpret and address the results of the data. We can walk your company through the entire process: from choosing the best questions that will give the feed-back that is important to the organization to deciding what steps to take after the results have been calculated and analyzed. VIP² can customize any plan to meet your organization’s needs and budget.

VIP² Survey & Analysis Highlights

Employee Survey Creation and Deployment

VIP² can help custom design questions that will create an effective survey or give guidance and feedback on your current employee survey. We will manage the survey and collect valuable data from your employees and leaders. The survey can help your organization gain insight on:

  • Employee benefits
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Equipment and resources
  • Leadership and management

  • Compensation
  • Company culture
  • Training
  • Quality and customer focus

Data Analysis

VIP² can analyze the results of the survey and format them in a detailed report that will allow you to compare responses by position title across departments and facilities. Results will be interpreted using statistical data and will also include verbatim responses to open-ended questions.

Evaluating Your Next Steps

VIP² can meet with your top leaders to discuss the data collected from your survey and help determine the areas of focus and the priorities for improving your organization’s work environment by developing a plan for those next steps.