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Staff-level Training

A key training program in the VIP² transformation process as your non-leader employees will be immersed in the VIP² philosophy. This session is great for all employees, but especially new hires. The scope of VIP² Employee focuses on what your organization and customers expect from employees. In today’s environment where work ethic and professionalism is not as common as it once was, your people will be exposed to what these concepts look like in practice. Employees will also hear direct messages regarding the danger of being a negative employee (and hanging out with other negative people), gossiping and receiving performance feedback in a negative way. We do this all in an attempt to “save” their careers and get them pointed in the right direction from day one (if they are new employees) or to get them back on the right path. The messages hit home very effectively coming from leader Jon Harrison, who has led thousands of people over his 25-year Cater-pillar career. His compassion for your people combined with his direct messages about what true “success” looks like in the workplace is a very unique approach. The length of VIP² Employee is normally 4-8 hours depending on the breadth you desire, and is delivered on-site at your location.

VIP² Employee session highlights:

Overview of VIP²


The overview will focus on the power of having Values-driven, Informed and Passionate People on the “front lines” of an organization. Topics include engagement and high standards of behavior and performance.

Being “Values-Driven” in Practice

  • Work ethic/professionalism/character
  • How to respond in a mature way to constructive feedback

How to proactively become “Informed”

  • Volunteering to acquire new skills
  • Participating on teams
  • Difference between “brown-nosing” and being a VIP² employee

Displaying “Passion” in action

  • Value of a positive attitude
  • Thinking like an “owner”
  • Caring deeply about the organization’s mission and customers

Optional topics

  • Personality Types
  • Power in Diversity
  • Managing Conflict