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Customer Service The VIP Way

A real-world approach to “Customer Service” that aligns with The VIP Way. This training will demonstrate that it is imperative that your internal expectations and overall work culture align perfectly with your service to customers. Via a casual and comfortable approach, your employees will share their positive and negative customer experiences from their “real life” and we will use that feedback to translate those experiences into improving customer service in your organization. This training can easily be customized to tackle your specific organizational (or industry-specific) issues as desired.


Obstacle Reviews

It is all too common for organizations to fall short of executing projects, solving root cause problems and actually achieving their goals. Learn to implement a simple, powerful and proven process to remove the obstacles (with specific attention on breaking down departmental silos and competing priorities / goals) that cause endless frustrations and a lack of execution. What if your organization was composed of united teams that delivered true high-level performance? Stop dreaming and come learn a critical step in making that a reality.


Real-Life Lessons for New Leaders

Get beyond the rhetoric and “theory” that is so often a part of canned “new supervisor” training. Our approach is to have your new leaders benefit from lessons learned shared by real-life leaders. These leaders will discuss what they did well, didn’t do well and things they wish they knew when they were new leaders. This is a valuable opportunity for your new leaders to hear from people that have been in the trenches, and to build relationships with these experienced leaders.


Finding / Hiring VIP employees

Discussion of a proven philosophy and tactics to attract “stars”; those employees who consistently behave in exemplary ways, but achieve excellent results as well.


Leading Remote Employees

Learn simple ways to keep your remote employees engaged and committed to delivering results. The VIP Way is applicable to every type of work environment, including those where people aren’t physically together in the same space.


Letting People Go with Respect / Dignity

Learn how to part ways with an employee in a manner that still maintains dignity and respect for the employee, but also aligns with your organizational values.


Onboarding The VIP Way

Discussion of the tactical steps required to develop and implement a robust onboarding process as part of The VIP Way. Onboarding is critical to the “DNA” of an organization’s culture (think of how the armed services develops raw young recruits into elite soldiers in only 8-12 weeks), but is often done poorly or overlooked completely in most organizations.  


Strategic Planning Overview

Strategic planning, while critical to an organization’s long-term success, doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming. Learn a simple, but powerful process that includes everything from establishing your organization’s vision to proven ways to actually execute the strategy (the missing component that often causes strategic plans to fail).


Succession Planning Overview

Succession planning will be a benefit to your organization’s long-term success, your people and your customers, yet so few organizations have a robust succession planning process in place. Learn a proven, efficient and very simple process to begin making succession planning part of your organization’s DNA.


Upward Feedback Overview

A critical component of The VIP Way, our Upward Feedback process provides employees a “voice” in sharing their perceptions of how well their leaders are “walking the talk.” In many organizations, leaders are only evaluated in one direction (from their supervisors) and not from those they lead. Learn about this proven process and its impact across many organizations and industries.


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