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Most leaders have ascended to their positions because they excelled at a technical skill previously in their career. However, we all know that leading people is dramatically different than executing those technical skills. The vast majority of leaders in society have received no formal leadership training yet these roles have an incredible impact on the bottom line of the organization and the lives of the people they lead. VIP² offers a comprehensive leadership development process that includes a 3-day leadership training program, a leadership training guide manual and ongoing upward feedback surveys for continuous improvement.

VIP² Leadership Training Session


2021 dates: March 24-26, May 12-14, July 28-30, Sept. 15-17, Nov. 10-12


A dynamic, “real-world” leadership training program, applicable for all levels of leadership including front-line leaders, emerging leaders and executives, that will fully immerse leaders in the VIP² (Values-Driven, Informed, Passionate People) philosophy. The scope of the session is looking at leadership, front-line people and work environment through a different lens and the focus is on the connections between work environment, leadership and bottom-line results. Participants will also learn the specific VIP² leadership expectations and how to successfully execute them. In this powerful three-day program, leaders leave viewing their roles in a very different light, including how they view the people they lead. This session is led by former Caterpillar executive Jon Harrison and a few of his most trusted colleagues.


Introduction to VIP² (Values-driven, Informed, Passionate People)

  • The “real world” genesis and application of VIP²
  • The relationship between work environment and the “bottom line”


  • How to hire values-driven people (and where are they?)
  • Why “core values” must be the foundation of your work environment
  • Why you must hold people accountable to those values


  • The VIP² perspective on new-hire orientation / training
  • What does “being informed” look like (communications, etc.)
  • Truly knowing your people: The power in unified diversity, understanding personality types, and successfully leading both “millennials” and your “seasoned” people

Passionate People

  • The power of “why” and “the big picture” to fuel passion
  • Managing conflict (keeping the passion positive)
  • Avoiding burnout (keeping the passion burning for you and those that work for you)

VIP² Leadership Expectations

  • Champion values and organizational pride
  • Champion operational excellence
  • Make sound decisions
  • Hold people accountable
  • Communicate with excellence
  • Know your people
  • Develop people
  • Foster a positive work environment
  • Champion health, wellness & safety

Leaving a True Legacy as a VIP² Leader

This module shows the “formula” for establishing a VIP² work environment in your organization, and details the actions, projects, etc. that are used to make it a reality.

Leadership Expectations Guide

In VIP² Leadership, participants learn the 9 key leadership expectations and complementary “I” statements that can build a framework to establish a customized leadership “owners manual” that can be used as a daily guide to reinforce leadership skills and tactics.

Evaluating Your Leadership Performance

Great leaders are open to learning, coaching, receiving feedback and will focus on continuous improvement. Learn how the leadership guide, the “I” statements, leader evaluation forms and upward feedback can help de-velop your leadership goals, skills and performance.