Values driven, Informed, Passionate People.

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The below mission statement, along with our core values, are lived out by every VIP²  team member regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, tenure or position. All work expectations, on job trainings and performance evaluations are based on these foundations. This is the DNA of our organization.



“We serve as catalysts for organizations and their people by exposing them to a different view of what true, sustainable success looks like – one that extends beyond the walls of the workplace – into homes, families and communities. We do this by sharing the philosophy and the tactical efforts required to develop a work environment composed of values-driven, informed and passionate people.”




  • •  Our communication (formal or informal) and human interactions display the high value we place on every person
  • •  We know people are different in many ways, and “peel back the onion” to understand and value those differences
  • •  We actively listen to each other, our partners and our clients, seeking to understand before being understood


  • •  We willingly work across functional lines to meet the expressed / implied needs of those whom we serve
  • •  The VIP²  team, regardless of our differences, is aligned to achieve our missions and leave a legacy

Embracing Change

  • •  We are open to new ideas, perspectives and approaches to achieve our mission
  • •  We embrace new technology and processes to allow our message to be heard by generations to come


  • •  We never compromise our values in serving each other and our clients
  • •  We ensure every decision we make is in direct alignment with our values

Servant Leadership

  • •  We view leading other people as a privilege to humbly serve those who report to us, directly or indirectly

The position of Administrative Assistant is being created for the first time at VIP² to help us better meet the needs of our growing client base. This role is a complementary one, to support the Operations Director and Creative Director, through the following specified responsibilities.


Job Duties: 

  1. Compiling Data and Creating Presentations of Results for Client Surveys
  2. Weekly Invoicing of Our Training / Services
  3. Scheduling events, training sessions, meetings etc. for the VIP²  Team
  4. Managing email / phone communications, sending regular updates and informational emails from VIP²
  5. Organizing and maintaining files and databases (including our training lists, client information, etc.)
  6. Other duties as assigned by the direct supervisor



The person hired for this position will consistently demonstrate the core values of this organization, proactively be informed and will exude passion for the mission of which they are a part.

Technical requirements are:

  • •  High School Degree or GED Equivalent
  • •  Basic Computer Skills (typing, email correspondence, etc.)
  • •  Ability to learn new / changing systems and utilize a wide variety of electronic “tools” to efficiently complete the Job Duties listed under Roles and Responsibilities.



  • •  Customer Service
  • •  Communication
  • •  Familiarity with: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) OR Apple iWork (Pages, Numbers & Keynote), Client Management Systems (i.e. Hubspot), Project Management Tools (i.e. Basecamp)
  • •  Self-starter / self-reliant (once trained)



  1. Technical Training, specific to the job responsibilities, will be a requirement of any applicant who is hired.
  2. The length of this training, and the depth of the instruction involved, is determined on an individual basis.
  3. Regardless of the level of entry, VIP²  views all employees as leaders (albeit not all employees have direct reports). To that end, all VIP²  employees will receive Leadership Training as a part of the onboarding process.


To apply, send your resume and information to