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What is VIP² ?

VIP² stands for “Values driven, Informed, Passionate People.”

Whether it is an organization, or society as a whole, true sustainable success is dependent on Values driven, Informed and Passionate People.

At VIP², we believe an organization’s bottom line is directly tied to the work environment and the people in that environment. Unfortunately, the impact of the work environment/people doesn’t appear as one “line item” on the P&L statement so it is often ignored or given minimal focus. However, every executive and every leader inherently knows that the impact of these factors is extremely significant and is woven into EVERY LINE of the P&L. Great leaders will act on this knowledge.

We have worked in VIP² environments and those at the other end of the spectrum so we know first hand that amazing results can be achieved and lives can be transformed when an organization cares for their people, invests in them through training and development and holds them to high expectations.

What Makes Us Unique


Our collective “heart” as an organization

Our clients value VIP² because unlike many “outside” advisors, we have a true vested interest in both the organization’s bottom line and the people themselves. We become trusted confidants at all levels in the or ganizations we serve, which creates relationships and partnerships that are decidedly unique. Click here to read our client testimonials supporting this key VIP² difference.

We are trusted advisors with varied real world leadership experience

Founder Jon Harrison served a 25-year career building successful teams in the US, Japan and Australia and now has created a VIP² team of professionals with varied backgrounds and leadership experience. We’re not just a team of trainers or consultants. We have been in your shoes and have lived what we teach.

We offer a world-class service at a great value

We passionately work to exceed client expectations and seek to leave a legacy with all we do. In staying true to our vision, we deliberately set our fees at levels that make them accessible to all sizes of organizations and levels of attendees. We become trusted confidants at all levels in the organizations we serve, which creates relationships and partnerships that are decidedly unique.

We are comfortable working with CEOs, hourly front line workers and everyone else in between

We truly care about people, no matter what their title is. Every hand is important and plays a significant role in the success of an organization.

Under line
"This leadership training class was, by far, one of the most relevant, insightful, thought-provoking, and valuable learning experiences I have ever had in my 32 years of business. We need to allow everyone in a management role to attend this class. I would also recommend that our company invest in the other classes that are offered. The information shared, if put into action, could really change minds and change behavior for the better. Thank you to the presenters -- well done!"

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