Our Mission

We serve as catalysts for organizations and their people by exposing them to a different view of what true, sustainable success looks like – one that extends beyond the walls of the workplace – into homes, families and communities. We do this by sharing the philosophy and the tactical efforts required to develop a work environment composed of values-driven, informed and passionate people.”

Mission and Values

It all hinges on Values driven, Informed and Passionate People. 


We will be honored to engage with your organization to share the VIP² philosophy, concepts and specific tactics needed to turn your organization into a VIP² organization. This will be completely customized based on your organization’s needs.

We are called to impact both the work environments at organizations and the home lives of people by developing VIP² leaders and employees

We have worked in VIP² environments and those at the other end of the spectrum so we know first hand that amazing results can be achieved and lives can be transformed when an organization cares for their people, invests in them through training and development and holds them to high expectations

What our customers are saying About VIP²...

"Fifteen minutes into the conference, I knew it was different than any other training I've experienced in 37 years of banking. Inspired, energized, humbled and smarter are just a few of the words that describe my experience. Thank you for bringing Jon Harrison into our lives if only for two days. His story, the stories he told and his legacy will be with me the rest of my life!"  

Connie ColemanAssistant Vice President, First Security Bank

"This leadership training class was, by far, one of the most relevant, insightful, thought-provoking, and valuable learning experiences I have ever had in my 32 years of business. We need to allow everyone in a management role to attend this class. I would also recommend that our company invest in the other classes that are offered. The information shared if put into action could really change minds and change behavior for the better. Thank you presenters - well done!"

AttendeeVIP² Leadership Session

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